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Over two years ago I ignored the naysayers and ventured off the beaten path to start my own freelance career. Starting from nothing, I learned new skills, found my first clients, and even brought some of my own side projects to life.

I wrote this ebook as a means to help others start, learn, and grow their own freelance career. I want to share what I’ve learned along the way, and provide others with the information I wish I had when getting started.

If you like the idea of making your own schedule, if you want to spend more time with your family, if you’d like to take control of how much you earn, or if any of the many perks of a freelance lifestyle sound appealing to you, then it’s time for you to start your freelance career!

Who's this ebook for?

This ebook is for graphic designers, developers, writers, photographers, and any other individual that would like to be their own boss.

Perhaps you were laid off from a full-time position and need to start getting some income flowing back into your bank account.

Maybe you design or shoot photos as a hobby right now, but want to transition those efforts into a career.

Whatever has you considering a life of freelance, Start Your Freelance Career will help you come out on the other side with a stable client base doing what you love!

"But I have no experience with running a business."

If you don’t have any experience with running a business (finances, time management, client communication, etc.), don’t worry. That’s something you will learn along the way and topics that will be covered in the ebook.

When I first started my freelance career, I had little to no real-world experience with running a business. To this day I’m still learning as I go.

It’s not important to know everything about business when you’re just getting started. All it takes is the passion to succeed and your willingness to take action.

There’s a lot of information here that is going to be a huge asset to both new and experienced freelancers alike. The samples and resources are such big time savers too. This is the type of book I wish I had when starting out in my freelance career.
– Ben Brush, Design Puffin

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About the Author

Hey there, I'm Brent Galloway, a freelance graphic designer and author. I’ve experimented with different aspects of my freelance career such as pricing, proposals, contracts, and much more. Some have failed, and I value those lessons learned. My goal is simple: I want to give others inspiration and the knowledge needed to get started in their own freelance career.

Feel free to connect with me on Twitter (@BrentGalloway), and introduce yourself.

The Premium Bundle

An extended license of everything you need to start a freelance career + a personal website video review.

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Everything you need to start your freelance career.

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Will this ebook guarantee my success as a freelancer?

By reading my ebook I unfortunately can't guaranteed your success. The future of your freelance career is ultimately in your hands, and the journey is yours to shape into what you want it to be. My hope is that one of these bundles can make your life easier, give you inspiration, and the knowledge needed to get you started in growing your freelance career.

Why are the resources saved as PDFs, and not editable templates?

I'm not sure what word processing software you use or what version you're running, so the resources are in PDF format to help ensure the quality of layout and design. It's important that you learn to craft these sort of documents yourself. I've provided the samples, you just have to read the content and make it your own.

Where can I learn more about freelancing?

You can learn even more about starting and growing a freelance career over on my blog,

What if I'm not satisfied with my purchase?

I'll be a bit disappointed, but if you don't find any value in your purchase, then reply to your purchase receipt email within 30 days and I'll issue a full refund.

Have another question? Email me and I'll be sure to reply as soon as possible.